beginners in the Forex

Many beginners in the Forex market are faced with some difficulties and usually give up and ask around why forex trading is hard. Yes, for some traders it is hard but doesn’t have to be. Once you obtain more experience you’ll see how easy it can be and you’ll never ask again why forex trading is hard because it isn’t. Don’t believe what others are telling you. Forex trading is simple. But it’s really important to learn some basics before you enter this market. It is just like riding a horse. Once you learn it, it’s impossible to forget. And as in riding a horse, you have to know and follow some rules. Yes, you can push on your horse, as you can force your trades, but what will happen? Your horse might refuse to obey.

You have to be in line with a horse, calm and considerate, you must have the mental strength to deal with difficulties and stay cool. You must understand your horse and predict how it will act on your commands and have patience.

Almost the same comes to Forex trading. When we hear someone asking why forex trading is hard for most of the traders, we know such has lost its temper.

The other reason why forex trading is hard could be that forex traders rarely like to follow the rules. They tend to ignore them. Maybe we should ask them why. Sticking to the rules may not be so exciting but it is beneficial. Don’t listen to the scammers that offer instant solutions to great gains, strategies that are successful 100%, that work in any Forex market’s condition. Put the logic to work! It is impossible! How one single strategy can be the best for all types of traders, all circumstances, for different market conditions, personal risk tolerances? No way! Avoid such artists, Youtube is full of them.

When you learn forex trading in a proper way and follow some rules, you’ll never ask such a question of why is forex trading hard.

Let’s see why Forex trading is hard for some of you?
We already mentioned scammers. We’re pretty sure you noticed that many websites where you can just buy a trading strategy or attend some webinar over the weekend. “Become a supreme forex trader in a few hours,” “All you need is my system-pro to become a millionaire in trading forex,” or “You don’t need to learn, just follow my most profitable strategy of all times.” We really found this on the internet.

They are in most cases, scammers. Even if you try to watch some video on YouTube you’ll be confused in 20 seconds. Honestly, some of these so-called gurus can burn your brain in a few seconds. Their explanations have nothing with successful trading. They don’t even know what they are talking about. They are totally messed up!

Our two cents – If a trading guru wants to sell a fancy strategy, you shouldn’t have losses by copying it. Of course, if you strictly follow the instructions and if you have full access to his/her strategy. Well, elite traders are honest, they will tell you, they will teach you. That’s the main difference. The scammers will sell you, often it isn’t a lot of money luckily, something that isn’t working or not works for you. So that could be the reason and answer the question of why forex trading is hard. Because you got a rotten apple actually.