Cryptos Trading

₦ 100,000 per unit

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money also known as crypto. They do not exist in physical form which makes them unique. All the transactions are verified and recorded in the decentralized system using a technology called a blockchain

Our company’s high profit margins in the area of cryptocurrency trading are associated not only with the great experience and expertise of our leading traders, but also with the powerful support of our partner analytical agencies that perform multivariate market analysis and provide us with valuable information regarding the most promising exchange deals

Forex Club Investment is to stabilize and increase the profitability of cryptocurrency trading at the leading exchanges of the world. This is why we are interested in attracting additional external investments and invite everyone wishing to employ their spare capital to join us

Getting Started

  1. Click the signup button, fill in the register form.
  2. Deposit your choose unit amount minimum ₦ 25,000, (1 unit) maximum ₦ 100,000 (4 units).
  3. Start earning. Your payments are made directly to your account, monthly and withdraw quarterly.
  4. Lastly, join our referral program and earn up to 7% of referral deposits.